Sophie Barclay

Sophie Barclay

Ko tamahunga te maunga, ko pakiri te awa, ko te moana-nui-a-Kiwi te moana, ko tautoko te wāka, no ingarangi me wiwi, kotimana, me tiamana oku tupuna.

Kia ora tatou. Ko Sophie toku ingoa.

I work at Community Waitakere in the Citizen Science Coordinator role, helping to connect people with the taiao and to reclaim science as a tool for our communities. I want to teach people about some of the amazing creatures we have in our awa, ngahere and moana so we can help lift the mauri of these environments. I have a varied background that includes environmental education, journalism, sustainability management and a (very) brief stint in teaching. One of my life highlights was snorkelling with the humpback whale in Tonga.

My dream is to work towards an amazing future where inequality is abolished in Aotearoa, we all know our neighbours, we all have access to huge, organic community gardens and working a four-day week is the norm. I also want to write some children’s books too so that Simon and I can start the new publishing arm of Community Waitakere.

I look forward to working with you! Noho ora mai ra.

Citizen Science Coordinator
Ph: 09 838 7903

Mob:  022 504 3006