Patron - Penny Hulse

Patron - Penny Hulse

Penny Hulse was selected to be the first Deputy Mayor for all of Auckland for her “inclusive style and fairness” and skill in uniting communities and groups across the political spectrum. She has most recently led the public engagement on Auckland Council’s draft Unitary Plan, the document now being adapted by the community to govern how the Auckland region will grow over the next 30 years. Through this, the 3-year-old Auckland Council is “starting to walk the talk in truly partnering with local boards and communities. I’ve always said that councils need to incorporate views from the grassroots up in order to govern effectively. The draft Unitary Plan has shown that in action.”

Steel and determination are traits which Penny has regularly shown as Deputy Mayor of Auckland, and also previously as deputy Mayor of Waitakere City. Colleagues say she is highly principled, judges every case on its merits and takes responsibility for council decisions, even those she argued against. Standing as an independent, she was the highest-polling candidate in the Waitakere ward and served for 18 years on Waitakere local bodies, the last three as Deputy Mayor to long-serving Mayor Sir Bob Harvey, before the creation of Auckland Council in 2010.

Penny threw her support behind the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area legislation and regional funding for Project Twin Streams, a community and environmental restoration project that has mobilised 10,000 volunteers. Penny has strong links with her community and cares passionately about the Auckland region. She is Chair of the Auckland Development Committee and CCO Governance and Monitoring Committee, and Deputy Chair of the Unitary Plan Committee.

She was born in South Africa and came to New Zealand when she was 16; Penny also recently became a grandmother.

Penny Hulse - Patron