Community Waitakere - Auckland, New Zealand

Strategic Plan

Organisational Strength

Community Waitakere builds its own capacity and sustainability so as to assist community organisations and services to do the same.

  • Management and governance are focussed and effective.
  • Internal processes and policies are concise, robust and clearly understood.
  • All activities are enhanced by current information, research and technology.
  • The organisation is financially sustainable with income accessed through a variety of sources including self-generation.
  • We embrace and advance our commitment, partnership and obligations to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Rights.

Community Economic Development

Community Waitakere practises and promotes community economic development to grow the resilience and sustainability of the community.

  • We establish the national Community Economic Development network which grows the movement and progresses this work.
  • We establish a centre of excellence which provides opportunities for peer learning, social innovation and community enterprise.
  • We form relationships with the business and philanthropic sectors which attract new forms of community investment.


Community Waitakere is recognised locally, regionally and nationally as a key advocate for empowered, self-determined communities.

  • We are a credible and effective advocate with and on behalf of community organisations, which leads to informed and responsible policy decision making.
  • We assist Local Boards and the Auckland Council to understand and address community needs and issues.
  • We assist community organisations and communities to undertake advocacy for themselves.


Community Waitakere connects neighbourhoods, community organisations, local business and government so as to maximise opportunities to deliver desired community outcomes.

  • We facilitate workshops, gatherings, seminars and education which connect and strengthen communities.
  • We enable communities to access current and relevant information through web-based media.
  • We broker cross-sectoral relationships that strengthen and enable the achievement of community outcomes.
  • We establish strong, mutually beneficial relationships with the business sector.
  • We provide office accommodation and meeting-room space at the Waitakere Community Resource Centre which supports, strengthens and connects community organisations and networks.


Community Waitakere fosters local leadership so that neighbourhoods and community organisations are resilient and sustainable.

  • We role model collaborative leadership and community empowerment principles.
  • We identify, support and promote community leaders so that community development is locally led.
  • We advance the bicultural framework of Aotearoa as a foundation to supporting and realising the aspirations of our multicultural communities.