Auckland Council Training Partnership Scheme

The scheme allows not-for-profit organisations to participate at a considerably reduced cost in a range of training programmes.

To learn is to open up endless potential both for the learner and those the learning is shared with.
The Community Empowerment Unit of Auckland Council plays a major role in helping develop strong and vibrant communities. Community empowerment is about providing real opportunities for people to
participate, and fostering the conditions to support this.  One of the ways it does this is through the management of a training partnership scheme.

If you belong to a not-for-profit organisation, which provides services to the community, and are looking for training opportunities which will up-skill personnel in your organisation, then the training partnership
scheme could be what you are looking for.

Why the training partnership scheme?
The training partnership scheme recognises the valuable contribution not-for-profit organisations and groups make towards the community. By linking not-for-profit organisations with a wide range of training
programmes, the training partnership scheme aims to assist in building community capacity and capability.

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