Community Fruit Harvesting

Community Fruit Harvesting is a community focused Charitable Trust that facilitates the sharing of fruit from people’s backyards and orchards to foodbanks and charities. We do this by inviting people to contact us and allow us to pick their unwanted or excess fruit. Volunteers then pick the fruit and distribute it , or it may be collected by charities.
Some volunteers make marmalade , jam or preserves with some of the fruit. We accept donations of glass jars and sugar for the marmalade making. This too is sent to charities and food banks.

We will soon have a bank account if people would like to support us through a financial donation.
If you would like to volunteer   by offering your fruit trees, or to pick the fruit, make marmalade, distribute flyers, become a local area coordinator or help in any other way then please contact us at
Visit us at for further information.