COVID19 Response – Creating a Kai Collective

Working alongside a collective of amazing community food distributors during COVID19 lockdown has been an amazing experience for Rakau Tautoko. We have been very lucky to have received a grant from Foundation North to delivery kai support to our more in need wh?nau through Alert Level 3. Over this time, we decided to throw Business As Usual out the window and create a new way of working that changes the individualised approach of funding and distribution.

We've pulled together the findings in this document, and are now working on some amazing opportunities to grow this kai collective to create food security for all wh?nau in Aotearoa.

The document is called "Striving for Food Security in Aotearoa" - you can check it out  and download it here. We would love for it to go far and wide, to share with other community food distributors, community leaders, innovative thinkers, food supply chain businesses and distributors.