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Breaking Isolation for our Young Men

You may know a Young Man who is between 18 - 25 yrs who would benefit from attending our Young Men Being Real (YMBR) weekend workshop at the end of September. 

This could be the opportunity for him to discover or rediscover his transition from being a boy to a young man & onto Manhood in this changing landscape of life, which has such a fierce pace of time & evolution.

We encourage you to to share this invitation with any Young Man you think would benefit from attending this Course.

This point in a young man's life represents significant change.
From child to adult; from boy to man. And as individuals we do & see this differently as we grow .

Yet what does this mean ??

The answer will be varied depending on who you ask . The commonalities of our Western culture are that at certain ages we achieve milestones: a drivers licence, the rite to vote, we leave school, can buy alcohol, leave home, gain a partner, have children, etc. Some of us are ready for this & some of us aren't.
All our journeys are our own and we each have the choice on how we travel them.

Sometimes life is set out for us & we thrive on our own growth of existence, other times life's pressures take us to places we don't know how to get out of.

The latest statistics from Chief Coroner Judge Deborah Marshall show's Suicide, "the Elephant in the room", " the Taboo subject "  { Stuff Article 26.08.2019 }, has continually  broken record's in NZ each year & continues to grow, with 685 people dying from Suicide, compared to the road toll of 377 last year. 164 of these Suicides are from Young people aged 15 to 24;  a 29% increase over the last decade.

Why ??  We don't know & we certainly don't have the answers.

What we are offering on this course is the opportunity for Young Men to gather in a safe environment for a weekend . The aim is to explore what it is to be a Man by exploring what it means for each of them to be themselves.

It is hoped that after a series of facilitated processes over the course of the weekend the Young Men will leave with     

  •  A deeper understanding of themselves and their relationship with others
  •  A feeling of being prepared to stand independently & stay true to themselves
  •  A clearer sense of direction to move forward 
  •  An understanding that they are not alone & there is support if needed

Again we do not have the answers and we do not fix, heal, judge or correct. Simply we are offering the chance for our future generations of leaders, parents, friends and colleagues to gather in a nonjudgmental, supportive environment to share their stories and & to talk about themselves

If you feel you know a young man who would benefit from attending this weekend course we ask you tho share this information with them  so they have the opportunity to join us on this journey. 

WHO: Young men 18 to 25 years old
WHAT : Young Men Being Real Workshop
WHEN : 26th to 29th September 2019
WHERE : West Auckland / Waitakere Ranges

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