JCI Waitakere - Looking for dynamic young people from 18 - 40 years to create positive impacts in the community

We are hoping to connect with young people in the Waitakere area.

We are looking for students, professionals and or entrepreneurs that are highly motivated and would welcome the opportunity to develop their abilities and create positive change in their community.


It is these young people and communities like Waitakere ,that we have the responsibility and challenge to carry the inspiring message of founder Henry Giessenbier Jr.:  


“From within the walls of the soul of this organization wherein the foundation of character and good citizenship are laid, I hope a message will come in the sometime of tomorrow that will stir the people toward the establishment of a permanent and everlasting world peace.”

The goal of JCI as a non-profit organization is to fulfill its mission. The mission of JCI is: “to contribute to the advancement of the global community by providing the opportunity for young people to develop the leadership skills, social responsibility, entrepreneurship and fellowship necessary to create positive change.” All the activities of the JCI organization is focused on these goals. Membership in JCI offers opportunities for young people between 18 and 40 years of age interested in developing skills in one or more the following areas: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management, and Training.

We are an organisation with over 200,000 members in more than 5000 Local Organizations all over the world and we meet regularly to build leadership and entrepreneurial skills, social responsibility and friendship. Out of these Local Organizations leaders emerge — young people active in the business, civic and cultural affairs of their communities, their nations and the world!

JCI New Zealand has got branches in Auckland (Central), Christchurch, Winton and Marton. We are currently looking to expand to South and West Auckland.

We are looking for dynamic potential leaders of the JCI age (18 - 40 years) to help establish a chapter at West Auckland. Your immediate referral and or announcement on your community noticeboard will be much appreciated.

Interested individuals or parties could contact us on jciwaitakere@gmail.com

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