Life Within Death Workshop

Grok Party/NVC Games, 31 August, 1-5 pm $60 includes complimentary set of feelings and needs cards and an afternoon of play with them (from fun to more deep) 

NVC Laboratory: Experiment with how NVC can apply to YOUR REAL LIFE. 14 Sept, 10-5 pm. Request $75-125.  

Finding the Life Within Death workshop. 12-13 Oct in Christchurch and 19-20 Oct in Auckland.  Exploring how NVC principles can help us enrich life as we face the inevitable with courage and compassion; possible topics include gratitude and grief, difficult conversations, forgiveness, more.  With Valerie Wycoff. Ted talk ("What Really Matters at the End of Life") says we can "lift our that life can be about making life more wonderful." Yes! Also names needs that really matter.

Transforming Anger, Shame, and Guilt to Compassion, Power, and Peace.  26-27 Oct. Wellington. To register, contact Anna at

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