What's On in late May at Corban Estate Arts Centre

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What's On in Late May at Corban Estate Arts Centre
Special Edition





Sculptor Stephen Woodward returned to his studio at CEAC




Dear Corbans whānau and friends,
On 4 May, presenting the recent Taite Music Prize, our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said, “The arts are at the centre of our revitalisation”. The winner of the Taite Prize was Troy Kingi for Holy Colony, Burning Acres, acknowledged for his ‘outstanding creativity for an entire collection of music contained on one recording’. We offer Troy our warmest congratulations.   
The revitalisation of our country post Covid 19 is a great opportunity for a surge of creative activity in the arts sector. With this exciting prospect, the arts and cultural sector needs to prepare itself to take up this challenge to play a key role in the nation’s revitalisation process that will come. 
For now, CEAC is about to open, step by step. On Monday 25 May at 10am, the Homestead and Coffee Studio Café will reopen. Read about the café re-opening below. The new exhibition aptly titled, “Beginning, Ending, Transformation” will open in the Homestead Galleries on Thursday 28 May. Planning is underway to offer our education programmes of workshops for all ages in Term 3, and once schools are up and running with their hygiene and social distancing procedures in Level 2, we expect school visits to CEAC will recommence.  
Meanwhile we’re on a roll with our arts educators developing more CEAC Adventures, the latest of which you will discover below. Also below, there’s an update about the Give a Kid a Blanket photographic exhibition which will soon be featured on the Auckland Festival of Photography’s website. And this week we profile our longest serving art educator, Eilis Galuszewski. Eilis has been with the education team at Corban Estate since 2012, and this week she has also produced a new edition of #CEAC Adventures.
Finally, more congratulations! Congratulations to debut novelist Becky Manawatu, this year’s winner of the Ockham book awards for her novel Auē. And guess who designed the cover? Our very own Penny Howard, another of our arts educators. Penny is the creator of this week’s second #CEAC Adventures and you can read about her in the biographical section on her art activity sheet. Congratulations, Penny!
We look forward to seeing you from 28 May.
Warmest regards,


Martin Sutcliffe, Director, Corban Estate Arts Centre (CEAC)









Margaret Chapman, Reflection (2019), Vicki Bradley, Raku (2019) and Phil Weight Apple Wood Turned Bowls (2019). Courtesy of the makers.




Beginning, Ending, Transformation
Margaret Chapman, Vicki Bradley and Phil Weight

From 25 - 27 May the gallery will be in exhibition changeover mode, however we are excited to bring the next group exhibition Beginning, Ending, Transformation by Margaret Chapman, Vicki Bradley and Phil Weight which will be available for viewing from 29 May - 19 July, 2020.*

This exhibition celebrates historical connections and the relationships between people and their cultures through the mediums of textile and wood. The makers’ works are created from carefully sourced materials, gifted and accumulated, repurposed and recycled.

*Due to the Level 2 restrictions we will not be having an opening reception event and public programmes are cancelled temporarily. Maintaining the boundaries of Level 2 will also mean the experience of the gallery will be different with guests required to sign in and maintain social distancing rules while viewing the exhibition. 





Donna Turtle Sarten and Bernie Harfleet, Give a Kid a Blanket Facebook page, 2020. 




Give a Kid a Blanket - Documented
Bernie Harfleet and Donna Turtle Sarten

The exhibition Give a kid a blanket by Bernie Harfleet & Donna Sarten has been postponed until next year. However the images from this project have been revised into a smaller arrangement as part of the Auckland Festival of Photography - Freeview CH200 and will be available for viewing via the Auckland Festival of Photography website from the 28 May.











CEAC Adventures

This ongoing series of FREE bubble activities has been a quiet relief for kids and even some adults! You can also find all of the CEAC Adventures on our website. Remember to share your results with us so we can share them on our pages! Thanks for your feedback on these Adventures – it’s been great to hear that how well they’ve been received!
Here are the two latest in the series:

CEAC Adventure #5: A Glimpse Inside My Bubble with Eilis. Want to create some temporary art? This one’s for you.
CEAC Adventure #6: Bubble Poetry with Penny. A fun collaborative adventure into the world of words.
We’re creating more of these Adventures for you, so if you’re keen then sign up to our mailing list here and you’ll be the first to hear about them.
Teachers with School Education programme inquiries please contact megan@ceac.org.nz








 Image courtesy of Sarah and Richard




Coffee Studio Re-Opening

CEAC: What has lockdown been like for you?
Richard: Really, really nice! We’ve had a lovely time being with our family, spending time home-schooling the children. I know it’s been stressful for a lot of people, but not for us. And I’ve loved the peace and quiet. 

CEAC: What do you look forward to as you re-open in Level 2?

Richard: To seeing people again and looking after them on a daily basis, finding out what they’ve been up to. Corbans is full of interesting people, where we’re on first name terms with so many of our regulars. We’re probably going to find the social distancing a bit weird at first, as we are all about trying to create less distance between people. So we’re looking forward to becoming more casual again under Level 1.  
CEAC: What are a few things you’re looking forward to being able to offer people again?
Sarah: We’re looking forward to being able to once again offer our full menu. Our Paleo Stack is really popular; poached eggs on kumara rosti with portobello mushroom and rocket. Oh, and also our vegan dumplings, and all our coffees and super food smoothies.

CEAC: Yes, you certainly do the best coffees! What else about the Coffee Studio are you really proud of? 
Sarah: Our focus on sustainability that underpins the ethos of the cafe; fair trade coffee, sugar, bananas and cocoa. And our free range meats. Plus all our vegetable scraps are composted!

The Coffee Studio will be open Monday to Saturday, 10am to 3pm (please note the 3pm closing time). During Queens Birthday weekend, the cafe will be closed. 











Eilis Galuszewski
Arts Educator

What’s your name and where did you grow up?
I’m Eilis and I was born in Dublin, Ireland. I've lived in New Zealand from a young age and so I consider myself an Irish Kiwi. My Celtic tradition is very important to me and it resonates beautifully alongside the Māori and Pacific indigenous way of life. 

What are your areas of interest?
For many years I have had an interest in the ‘residue’ we as a human race, create and leave behind. Be that via our actions, behaviour, words, our way of life and our making and creating.

What do you value and what are you grateful for at this time?
One of my deepest passions is our beautiful planet and the gifts she bestows on us. I am always looking for more ways to live and work without creating too much physical residue. I like to create in such a way that ‘gives back and nourishes’ our environment even if that’s via my compost heap! Trees are my number one favourite.

I am grateful for the gift of time at present which has allowed me to have a few creative adventures in the world of fibre craft and eco printing. I'm looking forward to the time when we are allowed to travel outside our region and I can visit my daughter and grandson and go walking in the forest together again.









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