Community Waitakere - Auckland, New Zealand

We have a vital interest in the way that government operates within communities. How it funds services, which services it provides, how these are organised and what public policies are created. Legislation that is created in parliament will be implemented in our neighbourhoods and the regulations that are established to support that legislation may determine what we can and cannot do. It is also clear that what issues get addressed by government – what rises to the top of the political agenda – is influenced by the visibility and impact of that issue in communities. 

In all these contexts it is important that a community voice is heard – and heard clearly and effectively. An important role that Community Waitakere plays is to facilitate and prepare submissions to government. We also actively initiate and manage relationships with government organisations and with national bodies representing community interests. 

We have recently made submission and been active in the following issues:         

New Zealand Productivity Commission inquiry into More effective social services

Central government policy regulation of psychoactive substances (legal highs)

Older submissions

Oct 2012: Submission on Solutions to Child Poverty Working Paper No. 19. To view click here 

July 2012: Submission on Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill 2012. To view click here  

June 2012: Submission on the Gambling(Gambling Harm Reduction) Amendment Bill. To view click here


Feb 2012: Submission on Crown Entities Reform Bill 332-1 (2011). To view click here

Feb 2012: Submission on Green Paper for Vulnerable Children. To view click here


June 2010: Submission in opposition to Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill. To view click here

Jan 2010: Submission on the Local Government Alcohol Law Reform Bill 2010. To view click here

Jan 2010: Submission on the Local Government (Auckland Law Reform) Bill. To view click here 


Contact us

If you are aware of issues where you believe a community voice needs to be heard by government give us a call and let’s talk! You can phone us on 838 7904.