Community Waitakere - Auckland, New Zealand

One of the key aspects of achieving our vision of thriving and connected communities is that we all have the opportunity to have our voice heard. We cannot be connected if we feel as though we are not heard or if we feel side-lined from what is happening around us.

While it is important that we are heard by government and council – it is also really important that we can participate in our own community and can find opportunities to engage with each other and to put forward out particular interests or concerns and, of course, celebrate as well!

Community Waitakere provides a number of opportunities for individuals and groups to share what they are doing. This includes hosting Open Door Days where our door is open for all to come and share what they are up to. We also participate in a range of community events and contribute to community networks across the West. At a very practical level we continue to produce the Community Waitakere e-Newsletter which goes out at least three times a week and is undoubtedly the most comprehensive source of knowledge about ‘what’s happening’ in West Auckland!

In addition to these opportunities to connect we run a series of community training workshops in the Resource Centre in Henderson. These are run approximately fortnightly (less over summer) and cover a wide range of topics. These have a very modest cost to attend and offer a great chance for community groups to build the skills and knowledge that will help their voice be heard in the community, to be heard and to be connected.

Keep an eye on our website for details of all these opportunities – and get connected through our e-Newsletter by emailing or calling 838 7903.