Community Waitakere - Auckland, New Zealand

Project Twin Streams 

Community Waitakere is committed to creating, educating and advocating for healthy environments, conservation and building sustainable connected communities. This can be achieved through engaging our local people in the restoration of their waterways.

Community Waitakere has delivered Project Twin Streams since 2006, and through this we are able to work towards these commitments.

Project Twin Streams is a large-scale environmental restoration project that is working to improve water quality in Waitakere streams by re-vegetating 56kms of stream banks with native trees and shrubs. A range of local community groups and residents are engaged in the restoration process and many have adopted areas that they have worked on for a number of years.

In its early days Project Twin Streams also purchased properties within known flood plains for removal. The restoration work stabilises the banks from erosion, creates a cool, shaded environment for ecology to thrive and filters toxins entering the streams.

Project Twin Streams is a local project with regional benefits. It works with nature and with our communities to help improve the health of our local environments, waterways and harbour.

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Project Twin Streams - some of the Henderson Stream Team participants