Community Waitakere - Auckland, New Zealand

Wild about Te Atatu is a unique Environmental Education programme for schools brought to you by Community Waitakere in partnership with the Auckland Zoo.

These programmes are designed to increase your students awareness of the unique and special biodiversity of Te Atatu, what threatens this biodiversity and how our actions can make a difference.

Outdoor learning experiences are suitable for all year levels and are aligned to the New Zealand Curriculum.

Programmes are delivered at your local Te Atatu park or reserve by experienced educators.

'Hands on' learning experiences include:

Water quality, native birds, impacts of pests, understanding our local wetlands and estuaries and much more!

To learn how your school, class and or enviro group can get involved, please contact:

Bronwyn smith 022 639 2959


More info for Early Childhood centres

More info for Te Atatu Primary and Intermediate Schools