We milled them, we burned them, we bled them . . . and now a deadly disease Phytopthora taxon Agathis (PTA), is killing more of them. In the last tracts of ancient forest; in Waipoua, in Puketi and in Waitakere, kauri are dying. We don’t know how many we will lose in the end, but many have gone already.

Kids for Kauri is a practical way of getting some of our youngest people to save our oldest tree. In this exciting programme, launched July 2012, students plant kauri at their school and learn how to look after them.

Groves of kauri, mulched and carefully under-planted to protect their sensitive roots, will inspire future generations of school kids to look after their taonga. Kids for Kauri is about empowering them to do that. Imagine hundreds of kauri groves growing in our schools in our biggest city.

Kids for Kauri was trialled in 4 primary schools in West Auckland in 2012.  It connects kids to kauri and to their environment as a whole. They learn how to grow kauri, how to look after kauri and why we should protect kauri against PTA.

For more information on Kids for Kauri email info@communitywaitakere.org.nz 

Check out the Video made by Henderson Primary School here