Community Waitakere, supported by the Lottery Community Sector Research Fund, worked with local researchers in response to an emergent conversation about the need within the community sector for robust evaluation.

Whilst it is acknowledged by most organisations that evaluation is vital and indeed best-practice, in the community development sector evaluation is often seen as resource intensive, complex and a bit daunting.  Many hard-working community development organisations have only a very a limited knowledge of best-practice evaluation measurement and even less time to learn about it.  Community Waitakere’s three stage research project sought to highlight evaluation best-practice, evaluate our own practice at Community Waitakere and share our learnings with others in our sector. Through this research process we have enhanced our own practice and now offer information and guidance to community organisations throughout west Auckland.

Stage 1:  Literature Review & Development of Evaluation methodology and framework 

Simon Harger-Forde of innovate change completed four key pieces of work for us to investigate:

•    best practice examples of successful community development evaluation methodologies
•    social wellbeing measures (explicitly referenced)
•    case studies of evaluation frameworks of community development organisations
•    an evaluation framework for Community Waitakere inclusive of qualitative and quantitative measures

Stage 2:  Retrospective impact analysis of Community Waitakere’s work       
Highlighting key successes and challenges, these case studies of seven Community Waitakere initiatives from 2002-2012, provide valuable learning and reflection. Prepared by Craig Tunnicliffe for Community Waitakere. 
Click this link for our Stage 2 report  

Stage 3:  October 2012 – January 2013
Our final stage of the research investigated the strengths, aspirations, needs and opportunities of the community sector within the three western Local Board areas). Prepared by Craig Tunnicliffe for Community Waitakere. 
Click this link for our Stage 3 report

Stage 4: March 2013 - June 2013
This was our reporting and presentation stage during which we provided all research participants with the findings, held several presentations (PowerPoints available above), and published a final summary report of all stages of the research project. Prepared by Craig Tunnicliffe for Community Waitakere.

See our Stage 4 Frequently Asked Questions here

Click this link for our final summary report - An Investment in Evaluation

If you would like more information about this research project or information about how we can assist you in developing your own evaluation framework for your organisation, please contact us on 09 838 7903.