Community Waitakere - Auckland, New Zealand

All of the Community Waitakere Team are working remotely during the COVID-19 Level 4 Alert, please feel free to contact us via mobile or email at:

Mark Allen, (09) 810 9150 or 021 378 791,

Mandy Spencer, 022 504 3003,

Chris Burton, 022 504 3002,

Bronwyn Smtih, 022 639 2959,

Sophie Barclay, 022 504 3006,,  Monday to Thursday

Simon Grant, 021 308 132,, Monday to Thursday

Peter Hosking, 021 660 275,

Shalema Wanden-Hannay, 020 481 2788,

Aroha Te Namu, 022 504 3005,

Leao Tildsley, 022 639 1531,




Meeting Room Space

Waitakere Community Resource Centre provides cost effective and friendly event and meeting space options in central Henderson. 


For further details please contact Mandy on 09 838 7903 or email



For over two decades Community Waitakere has engaged with the community, communicating with diverse groups and consulting on issues of import, often bridging the divide between local authorities or government agencies and the grassroots. This experience has proved valuable in building strong community networks and effective processes to engage with the community. It has enabled Community Waitakere to be successful in brokering demand for community services, enabling community development and responding to community and environmental issues. We have now taken the bold step to crystalise this experience into an offering to the broader community, local government and business sectors, and launched CWEngage!  Click here to find out more:


Ph 09 838 7903 PO Box 21068  Henderson  Auckland 0650