Community Waitakere - Auckland, New Zealand

We know this is a difficult time for everyone. Community Waitakere will continue to be here to support you. Check our noticeboard and Facebook page for updates. Please contiune to follow COVID 19 protection procedures and be kind to each other. We are a strong West Auckland community and we can get throught this together!



Community Waitākere is commited to sharing resources and information with our community during this Covid Lockdown.

We will be posting useful resource lists and links for the community on our Facebook Page.


We will also continue putting out our newsletter with resources and information to support resiliance and community responses to Covid during this time. 


Have you got information or an event to share? 

Send it to us at:




During this time of uncertaintly, we are sure of one thing.  We remain committed to keeping West Aucklanders healthy, connected and active

The West Auckland Together Hub provides online information designed specifically for families in West Auckland. The focus is on ideas, resources and tips for family well-being, which are all simple and relevant to whanau.
Resources include everything from videos on Maori games, tips for cooking, local walking routes, fun play initiatives and ways to stay connected.   

The West Auckland Together Hub has been developed by the Collaborative Marketplace partners:

With support from:  Auckland Council, Henderson Massey Local Board, Waitakere Ranges Local Board and Whau Local Board





Meeting Room Space


Community Waitakere, at level1 20 Alderman Drive, have friendly event and meeting space options in central Henderson. 

One Large room available perfect for meetings, workshops, forums, launches, training sessions, staff meetings, away-days, both public and private events. 

We also have 2 smaller rooms, suitable for group meetings of up to 12 people supervision or one-on-one sessions.

We offer hot desk space for rent on a casual, regular or long term basis.

The Centre is fully accessible.  Includes a lounge area and kitchen facilities.

You are more than welcome to come and have a look around.

For further details please contact Kimberly on 09 838 7903 or email





Research Lead:  Amiria Fletcher       Commissioned by:  Community Waitakere

• How has COVID-19 and lockdown impacted on the West Akld community and social service sector?
• How has the sector managed the shift towards working from home?
• How has COVID-19 and lockdown impacted on service delivery and core business?
• What is the state of funding and contracting for the sector?
• What are the big issues impacting on the community and clients?
• How has COVID-19 impacted on the sector on a personal level?

Responses from 41 different organisations representing over 20 different areas of work within the community and social service sector,with the top 4 being community development, education and training, family and whānau services, and sport and recreation. 

Click here for a more detailed analysis of the results

Click here to view an infographic of our results